Things I wanna see in 2020: More than 5K servers, more than 5M users, more than 1M monthly active users, more artists and musicians, more journalists, and for more people to use the goddamn hashtag when posting cats on a saturday

@ben @Gargron wait so if,, is hosted entirely within your basement,,,,, does that mean that the illuminati is entirely contained within your basement?

@Gargron I can do the caturday thing and I started an instance so, I'm trying

@Gargron one thing i wanna see in 2020 is you not dictating to me what hashtags i can and cannot use when posting pictures of adorable cats

@Gargron Working on it. My first token of support, was a #caturday post. Now just to explain to my readers Mastodon is a good move forward. 🤔

Enjoy Battle Cat.

@Gargron Built this instance here for the SF Bay Area. Hope it helps those goals.

@Gargron I'll do you a deal, I'll (probably) host a server for the Scottish Borders - if you consider 360 degree photo support 😉

@Gargron setting goals is easy. It's the "how" that's the hard part.

@Gargron how would you achieve it? By marketing & advertising or other means?

@Gargron Turning off registrations on your dreadnought instance would be helpful

@Gargron is there a stats page to follow the prognose? Btw I'm a musician, but I don't know how that is counted? 🤔

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