Got a report that the translation of Mastodon had some inaccuracies (presumably machine-translated by someone), if anyone who speaks 🇫🇮 wants proofreader privileges on Crowdin, let me know

@Gargron I've understood that @Stoori already did the work to a professional degree, but then someone else made a mess of it.

@Ninmi @Stoori If this happened back on Weblate, we're out of luck 😦 Crowdin at least has quality control features built in

Might still be possible to revert over git history but it's hard to tell what to revert without knowing which strings are affected and which the correct translation is

@Gargron @Ninmi I did my translations in April 2018, and early in 2019 I noticed that many of the strings had changed.

I guess the core reason why anyone bothered to do that was because I didn't keep up with updates, so there were new untranslated strings in the first place.

However I felt quite unmotivated after seeing the mess (and coincidented with other stress in my life), so I haven't gone and seen what the actual changes were and how much of them were made.

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