Why are so many people signing up right now? Is this related to ?

@Gargron yes, basically in spain is just started a new campain...

@Ertain @Gargron for what I see in. spain lots of activists are staring with this migration...

@_ittos_ @Ertain @Gargron yeh, many ppl leave twitter cause are censoring ppl fight fascist

@_ittos_ @Ertain @Gargron we've seen how our TW accounts were closed wih no reason lasts months so we've just arrived here.

@Sargantania @Ertain @_ittos_ @Gargron la campanya és arreu de l'estat. A Catalunya amb molta força, sí i em part impulsat per un valencià.

@Sargantania @Ertain @_ittos_ @Gargron Digamos Estado Español, creo que es el mejor término que podemos usar y que todos estamos de acuerdo

@Camarada314159 @Ertain @_ittos_ @Gargron 🤔 pero cuando nos independicemos del estado Español, osea España, pues seremos Catalunya a secas.

@Gargron Yep!! Twitter Spain is censoring left wing accounts and people decided to "migrate".

@Gargron Not for me at least ;) I was checking a blog post about Mastodon ^_^

Seems nice so far, but I need to tweak my profile!

@Gargron Yes, mainly from Spain...Twitter is closing Left parties supporters...Freedom? No at all.

@Gargron I suppose. Many people are tired about Twitter's restrictions

@Gargron yep. This is BC Twitter Spain fucked us up over censorship.
We agreed to join you today afternoon.
I didnt even know this existed.
We're liking It. Cheers!

Hi everyoneee :)

@Yes2020 @Gargron over censorship too? In Spain MANY accounts have been cancelled the past few days(over leftist comments), also, starting next year Twitter Spain can block and close any account, no questions asked.

@RedGrinch @Gargron Yes, the new Brit Nat government has no mandate to rule Scotland, in fact they only got 20 MPs outside England and just under 44% of the votes, interesting times. In Scotland 80% of seats went to one political party.

@Gargron are people of twitter spaña fed up with political censorship

@Gargron Exactly, due to the censorship of Twitter Spain. That's the main reason.

I even considered to revive my old fb acc to convey the idea.

@Gargron Yeah. Basically, a very influencing user had his account suspended due to mass reporting by right-wing users, and now a lot of people have decided to leave Twitter and start using Mastodon.

@BerdaderaH @Gargron this one (@BerdaderaH) is the one to blame ;) he was extremely popular on twitter and he got banned for no good reason, and flocks of people are following him.

@Gargron mastodon is very promising. Loving the community out here so far.

@Gargron Yes! We are spanish communist Twitter and they are censoring us so... we are here!

The Spanish Royal family have links in Twitter Spain.
So we are trying to push people to join Mastodon.

@Gargron The Spanish has started a campaign to move to Mastodon in order to avoid censorship from Twitter

@Gargron Yes, in Spain many left-wing people migrated from Twitter to Mastodon because of censorship, related to political ideology. They want us to be submissive to capitalism, something we cannot stand.

Yes, There have been banned accounts on reports from alt-right organized groups and people is migrating due to censhorship.

@Gargron It is, the spanish Twitter community is tired of the social network's rules and decided to switch to Mastodon

@backythefur @Gargron It's not exactly about the rules.
It's about Twitter censoring and blocking accounts with political bias.

@Gargron Twitter Spain censors accounts, because of its political ideology, we have tired of that fascist country.

@Gargron It is. And now they all will happily answer your question :) You've said welcome without knowing it!

@Gargron yes. The campaign of in twitter is going hard. People is too tired about the censored situation

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