To other Mastodon sysadmins: Check what pg_repack can do for you, especially if your server has been around for a really long time. PostgreSQL indexes get bloated over time and VACUUM does nothing about it. pg_repack can re-build indexes without downtime.

I shaved off 40 GB from the database just by using pg_repack on indexes tonight.

@Gargron how does that differ from rebuild index concurrently

@ben Older postgres versions don't have rebuild index concurrently

@Gargron How big are the database and media directories in total? What size of server is required to host a community like

@Gargron Ah, so you're starting the year with a thorough cleaning of the house. Quite respectable.

@Gargron Next Hogmanay come for a ceilidh instead :)
Bliadhna Ur Mhath

@gargron "Eugen used this one weird trick to reduce the size of his PostgreSQL database by 40 GB! Hosting vendors hate him!!"

start the year off right, start the year’s mastodon off light

@ldopa If you’re on you can’t do anything with this information

@Gargron how I wish I understood what you are saying! How glad I am that you who do use your knowledge to help us have a voice!

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