So I've been using the BunnyCDN trial on's CSS/JS assets for a day and it's got this neat table which data centres the bandwidth goes to. Since CSS/JS assets load mostly only during the first page load on the site, this roughly corresponds to where our new users come from:

@Gargron would that make it make lesser ram on the desktop. I have not been able to come to mastadon much as it hangs quite often, especially in fetching nes posts and takes quite a bit of time to load. I have no idea as to how much load the server has and how much load the client is given. FWIW, I am on around 24 Gig of RAM (using 1024 notation) .

@shirishag75 No, that would not affect RAM usage or rendering performance. You may find the lightweight client Pinafore useful:

@Gargron argh... It just asks to authorize the app. and dunno how to de-authorize it. This is bad, any ideas ? I did see the introductory blog post and how just logging out of makes it all ok, but this is relying on the dev.

@shirishag75 It's an app entirely in your browser. Pinafore doesn't save anything on its server. I trust the dev. But if you want to de-authorize, that's in your account settings here.

@Gargron I just checked all the settings in pinafore, I don't see such a setting there. Where is it located, anybody else who has used @pinafore here ?

@shirishag75 No, apps don't have access to your account settings. I meant "here" as in the actual, main website,

@Gargron ah ok, got it . I thought you meant somewhere in, no issues :)

And it will probably grow due to the constant migration of users from Twitter. How this will affect to the current social media scenario? No one knows, but I think it can be a inflexion point, also in the awareness about the importance of software libre. 😉

@Gargron Wow, that's a lot of traffic CSS and JS

@drown @Gargron at least on Many germans are on other instances like

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