Interesting. Twitter is automatically suspending accounts that tweet an image consisting of a black background with the white text "No war on Iran" on it.

Ref 1:

Ref 2: don't let them come to your node, make them register on other instances!!!

@Gargron Aw man I need to dust off the 'NO WAR ON IRAQ' placards I made in 2003 and scratch out the last letter.

@Gargron Currently testing to see if it works with non-latin alphabets as well (tweeted in Hebrew)


when i heard about twitter censoring that protest image, i thought they might be using OCR to read the text in images and banning any mention of the war.

so i thought, "let's mix up the letters to confuse them", and that reminded me of the "don't dead, open inside" meme.

@Gargron I think Mastodon servers should increase their capacity, Twitter censorship is here to stay...

@Gargron Posted on Twitter with hastag #YoMigroaMastodon. Let's see if they suspend me as well 😂

@Gargron FYI, Iran has been at war with the US since 1979. We finally have a president that is going to do something for their murderous acts.

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