Have you ever used the "Block notifications from people you don't follow" feature?

If you have not, can you say why? I have my own thoughts but want confirmation.


I have to note that a lot of people who responded to this poll misunderstood the question... There is a specific checkbox in your account's notification settings called "Block notifications from people you don't follow", I am not asking about you using the block or mute buttons.

Anyway, it seems like not enough people even know that exists for a poll to be useful.

Anyway I was wondering if maybe having a junk-type tab in notifications where the "filtered" notifications would go, instead of disappearing forever, would make it easier to use such functions.

@gargron i had the equivalent setting turned on on twitter, but haven't used it on mastodon, b/c
(1) i get far less interaction
(2) more of the interaction is friendly. i haven't had to worry about my mentions getting swarmed by neo-nazis or the like

@gargron that said, i do think it's a very useful option to have

Yo la vi pero no la accione prefiero bloquear a mi gusto

@Gargron In my humble opinion, that's how everything is perfect, sometimes less is more

@Rasec949 Do you mean how it is now is perfect and no changes are needed?


In regards to that notification from non-followers yes, all is good as it is. Voted that way and was surprised it was absolute majority.

There's other things I would love to see, rich text support in toot editor being one.


@Yann @Gargron
you realize? at a dinner you would ask me to caviar a simple romaine fish fillet

@Gargron Don't take it to the letter I speak for myself that I only wish to express what I feel
That does not mean that there are not much more demanding more technocrats that unleash more

I try to make use of these networks in the simplest way I am a very simple old man !!

Hiciste hace un rato unas preguntas , y ahora viendo aqui ciertos Toot en idiomas ininteligibles y que tocan temas para una elite muy cerrada tecnológica creo que esas personas debian tener sus sitio exclusivo pues se supone que estas redes son para unirnos, ilustrarnos ,son como trincheras en pos de la libertad ! sino se entiende o se toma a mal esto lo puedo aclarar mas !

@Rasec949 @Gargron Yo no entiendo inglés apenas, si alguien me lo traduce al francés, catalán o castellano, casi que lo agradezco

@asunbueno071 @Gargron
Vous avez posé quelques questions il y a quelque temps, et maintenant voir certains Toot ici dans des langues inintelligibles et qui touchent à des sujets pour une élite technologique très fermée, je pense que ces gens devraient avoir leur place exclusive, parce que ces réseaux sont censés unir, illustrer, ils sont comme des tranchées en quête de liberté! mais c'est compris ou mal pris je peux clarifier cela plus!


or remove the setting and add a 'hide/show (i) notifications from non-followers' toggle in the actual notifications UI?
Would also solve the visibility issue of the option. :)

@Gargron Not sure, I personally feel if I've asked for something to be filtered/ignored I am expecting it to be silently dropped without any evidence.

@Gargron,please no puedo traducir los mensajes no encuentro la opción 🙄, gracias

@Gargron If I mute notifications for a specific account, I wouldn't need to see the missed notifications ever. If I really want to see what the account was up to, I can always go to the profile page.

@Gargron Junk sounds very harsh in this case. It's like marking all mail from people not in my address book as spam. Only encourages creating own social bubbles.

I think this feature is very important once the world realizes mastodon and the fediverse are the way to go. Until then it'll be less used but still very desirable to the users.

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