Mark Zuckerberg... Shut the fuck up

@Gargron I mean I feel like I wouldn't need to ask what he did now, but is there some specific fresh horror today?

@Gargron I don't know the context here, but to be honestly it doesn't matter.

I'm always in favor of telling ZuckZuck to shut the fuck up.

@Gargron "Decentralizing Opportunity" I think mark spelled exploitation wrong

@liaizon The headline is "Decentralizing Opportunity" and below it it's just "products for small businesses" lol

@Gargron or how can facebook centralize all of the profit from the "de"

@Gargron @liaizon

"If we can make it so anyone can sell products through a storefront on Instagram, message and support their customers through Messenger, or send money home to another country instantly and at low cost through WhatsApp"

Sounds like we'll be getting an InstaWhatsBook Behemoth very soon..

@Gargron @liaizon you should invite him here when he talks about decentralization

@Praneetjain @liaizon Pleroma is server software just like Mastodon, only less popular. There's not much more to it other than implying that Facebook runs a Pleroma server (when it doesn't)

@Gargron @Praneetjain this is somehow either a great burn or a great compliment and I don't know to whomst

@Gargron Congratulations if you succeeded at reading this whole post.

I couldn't.

@Gargron why are many profiles, of feminist women suspended? And the argument is “transphobia”. Is this not a safe space for women? Talking about our biology is not allowed here?

@EnfadadaGaia Feminism is welcome, transphobia is not. It's not difficult

@Gargron how talking about our biology is transphobic? It’s not a safe space for women here. You are allowing sexism to rule, not even on twitter we get banned as fast as here. How you know it’s not misogyny behind that claims of “transphobia”

@EnfadadaGaia Nobody said talking about your biology is transphobic. Saying transphobic things is transphobic.

@Gargron so could you make an example?
Why asking for sex based rights for example is being told transphobic?

@EnfadadaGaia Why should he? So you can nitpick it in an attempt to defend your bigotry? Why would anybody want to subject themselves to that?

@EnfadadaGaia If you need it explained why being trans-exclusionist in your feminism is wrong, then you're not really a feminist. And civilized society might not be right for you.

@BalooUriza are you telling me that talking about menstruation or menopause, or pregnancy is “trans exclusionary”, so we shouldn’t talk about it? You don’t see how misogynistic is that? the problem here is that you think women have vaginas when in reality vaginas are a tool of the patriarchy to oppress real women, who have penises.

@Gargron you want me to show you how many feminist accounts have been suspended for allegedly transphobia? And we’re not talking about trans people?

@EnfadadaGaia go make your own instance so we can all block it. we're not all deaf to your dogwhistles. just find another instance to join that isn't retarded. There are plenty of places that allow free speech in the Fediverse.

@Gargron don't know what this is about and I still agree

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