I'm sorry but if you use Mastodon posts to train systems for filtering inappropriate content you will lose all eye contact, alcohol, US politics, and Star Wars discussions from your platform...

(This is from the paper "Mastodon Content Warnings: Inappropriate Contents in a Microblogging Platform" published by the University of Milan)

@Gargron I have more qualifications as a mastodon scientist than these goons

@Gargron Serious question: Does the corpus contain the original CW text?

But I guess if question is "What kinds of things do Masto users put in CWs?", then it doesn't matter :blobcatcoffee:

@gargron Geez, they haven't understood why the CW is used.

@Gargron It's unbelievable as a normal process of cognition is made impossible by that wall my brain erects each time the words "policy", "Italy" and "social network" appear together.

@Gargron although I guess it would cut down on shitposts? I generally tag those

@Gargron oh my gods, let people fuck, you puritanical bastards

@elfi @gargron Yea I'm looking at "sexting" being put next to hate speech and.. jeez, these crappy researchers must have a pretty dull time

@cathal @Gargron If they think Mastodon is such a cesspit, the only fucking they like is being fucked by the state

@Gargron Unpleasant offline behaviors such as sexting.


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