@Gargron If you like scented candles, they sell one in Goop with scents of geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar with a very misleading name tag!

@Gargron I hear there’s special crystal balls that you can stick up some body orifice that will make your servers run faster.

Luckily for you I sell them, just $399 a pop.


what would be worse - Google buys out Goop, or Goop buys out Google?




@Nikolai_Kingsley @Gargron Both for the name and the resulting company, Goople is preferable. Neither is ideal.

What would be far better is to *subtract* everything found on Google that matches anything on Goop. Goop disappears in a puff of smoke and Google is more accurate than before.

@Gargron Curiosity wins out over fear: Did you find anything interesting?

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