Next release of Mastodon will allow admins to post important announcements to their users, and yes, those are reactions

Okay let me be clear here, those are reactions to announcements. I didn't mean to say reactions would be available for normal posts. Not at the moment. This is not a committment to add reactions to everything down the line though. More of an experiment.

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But yes of course you can react with custom emoji, come on

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@Gargron That is a great update! I try to do those announcements when I do things like instance updates

I'm sure this won't help inflate anyone's ego at all.
@Gargron yay yay yay! are these reactions compatible with Pleroma's?

@feld @Gargron where are reactions enabled on pleroma? I didn't know that was implemented anywhere

@Gargron can’t wait to see eve send “I’m gay” to all 200,000 dot social users

@Spacedrake This is why it will likely be restricted to admins only

@Gargron @Spacedrake Though, the thought of @LuigiEsq making a typo in an announcement post is pretty great too


Oh nice, I like. I am sure there are some users on my instance who will be happy to stop following my personal account which I also use for talking about admin stuff.

Are links allowed in these? I can definitely see wanting to do something like "Hey everyone! I just updated to the latest release, which gives us x, y, z, and a bunch more little things - check out [this toot] for more details."

@anthracite @Gargron basically put some markdown support in there…

…but markdown in Mastodon project is nowhere to be seen…

@Gargron now i can announce to myself and even react on it

@Gargron oh no. and another thing, is it possible to create custom reactions?

@Gargron can you include minion emoji reactions plea se

@Gargron so,,,,, I will have to continue simply replying to everyone's posts with a cloaca emoji, I see

@Gargron Oohhhhh, man, I was so happy for a minute... but here's hoping!

@Gargron if the order in which it was added is preserved then people could :lazer_R: :lazer_E: :lazer_P: :lazer_L: :lazer_Y:

@Gargron Y E S
Many reacts incoming thé future will be tiring for the people i follow 🙏

@baerd On peut lire la déception dans ce post :').

@Gargron have you considered not making them publicly visible - as in the discussion of how many followers and being a contest? Then it would still be useful, but not be a barrage of x number of people said this.. but those other people said that.

and are you going to have separate sounds for each one? *boop* 😺

@Gargron if you didn't expect this reaction i can't believe you actually participate in this Federated Social Network lmfao

@feld @gargron I feel like I'm at an emoji airport trying to figure out when my flight is about to leave.

@feld @gargron
That's not the best post to use if you want to argue reaction emoji are nice.😅

Clearly anything more then one line of them should be hidden by default :octothink:

@kingannoy @Gargron it's not the final result, it was a funny demo. I can't comment on the restrictions being applied, but I assume there will be collapsing if there are too many.

@Gargron important questions.

Can other instances see the annoucements? Or are they just for the instance?

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