Next release of Mastodon will allow admins to post important announcements to their users, and yes, those are reactions

Okay let me be clear here, those are reactions to announcements. I didn't mean to say reactions would be available for normal posts. Not at the moment. This is not a committment to add reactions to everything down the line though. More of an experiment.

But yes of course you can react with custom emoji, come on

@Gargron That is a great update! I try to do those announcements when I do things like instance updates

I'm sure this won't help inflate anyone's ego at all.

@Gargron can’t wait to see eve send “I’m gay” to all 200,000 dot social users

@Spacedrake This is why it will likely be restricted to admins only

@Gargron @Spacedrake Though, the thought of @LuigiEsq making a typo in an announcement post is pretty great too


Oh nice, I like. I am sure there are some users on my instance who will be happy to stop following my personal account which I also use for talking about admin stuff.

Are links allowed in these? I can definitely see wanting to do something like "Hey everyone! I just updated to the latest release, which gives us x, y, z, and a bunch more little things - check out [this toot] for more details."

@Gargron so,,,,, I will have to continue simply replying to everyone's posts with a cloaca emoji, I see

@Gargron Oohhhhh, man, I was so happy for a minute... but here's hoping!

@Gargron if the order in which it was added is preserved then people could :lazer_R: :lazer_E: :lazer_P: :lazer_L: :lazer_Y:

@Gargron Y E S
Many reacts incoming thé future will be tiring for the people i follow 🙏

@baerd On peut lire la déception dans ce post :').

@Gargron have you considered not making them publicly visible - as in the discussion of how many followers and being a contest? Then it would still be useful, but not be a barrage of x number of people said this.. but those other people said that.

and are you going to have separate sounds for each one? *boop* 😺

@Gargron important questions.

Can other instances see the annoucements? Or are they just for the instance?

LB: thank fuck it's not on everything, I can't have complicated emotions that often

I'm not kidding. emotions are fucking unwieldy and I don't need more complexity in my social media

I see likes as almost analogous to thumbs up. context matters. if thumbs up is ambiguous, then words.

it's personal relief, not snark. I just don't express it well

@Gargron Not only are reactions tricky from a UX perspective, but also Faceook mostly introduced them for being able to read your interests in a more fine-grained way than just "like or not".
So I', glad those are not (yet?) coming as a general thing.

@Gargron Keep in mind: Pleroma is planning to introduce reactions for all posts, starting with normal emojis, but hopefully eventually supporting custom ones. You might want to remain in contact with them to avoid implementation clashes in the future.

Wait, you mean you're not promising to give us reactions to reactions? What about reactions to *those* reactions? Surely you can't deny us that!

@Gargron are reactions only for that or are they on all post types

@gargron tbh I would still love an "instance only" privacy setting for posts: stuff that can be boosted, but doesn't federate 🤔🤔

But also: this is cool!

@mewmew how? I just wanna engage more with the community of my home server sometimes. Like, it's fine to talk to different social bubbles sometimes

@spacekookie someone's more likely to join an instance their friends are on or they'll miss out on the local-only discussions

this leads to a few megaservers instead of a system where all servers are equal.

@mewmew but that's already a dynamic, which is why servers limit their signups. Local posting wouldn't really change that

@spacekookie yes, but local-only posts adds a FOMO aspect

@mewmew Again, I think this is already the case because there's a local timeline and also because people are afraid that their small server might not federate well enough

@mewmew I think you're only looking at the negative aspects of this, and not at how this can actually grow communities. Decentralisation means it fundamentally is one big community, but that doesn't mean we can't encourage the development of sub communities

@Gargron what kind of customizations are available to admins? I had considered running my own instance. But for it to be worthwhile, I was curious to know what customizable settings are there?

@Gargron could you make it so that the admin can choose which emoji are available to react with? (I just want to see announcements in which you are only allowed to react with "octapus")

@Gargron are reactions really something people need/want?

@Gargron This reminds me of misskey, the highlighted post, reactions and its layout...

@Gargron will the long-time inactive users receive an email after the admin announcement? If so it’ll be great!!

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