Love too hear about D. Bernioff and D. B. Weiss projects getting cancelled. "Themes are for 8th grade book reports" Well there's a theme

@Gargron I guess that’s what happens when the thing you’re best known for is ruining a good story!

@InvaderXan @Gargron i wouldn't say they ruined it

they adapted it for Hollywood

that those two have a big overlap is a different story

btw, you read ?


@meena @Gargron It’s not just about adaption, because they had the most popular TV series in history. It was on our screens for a decade. And they managed to screw up so badly that after the series ended it’s just gone from our collective consciousness. They managed to make people not care anymore, despite having all the support they needed, including from the original author, to take as long as needed to give it a satisfying ending. Instead, they just... didn’t.

As for sociological stories, that may be true. But I don’t think it goes that deep. They’re just really bad at making things internally consistent, and it shows.


@InvaderXan @Gargron i just looked up what show of theirs got cancelled, and i, i dunno, i have no words


@meena Yeah, I can’t say I’m sad about that show getting cancelled because wtf!

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