I got pissed at Tumblr a few years ago when my late grandfather's blog with all his songs became inaccessible only a year after he had passed. Of course, I had taken a snapshot almost immediately because I knew you couldn't trust any of it to stay online forever. But Tumblr's flash audio player meant that none of the song files could be saved in the archive. It just felt so... irresponsible how incapable their website was at preserving anything valuable.

His blog is, at the time, still up. If you can read Russian, you can read it here:

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@dublinux i still kinda miss when yfrog went down, because a lot of old tweets make no sense now. but ah well...

@Gargron every time i find out a new thing about how tumblr is made i think about how it's amazing that my impression of them can get lower

@Gargron tumblr's truly held together with thumbtacks and chewing gum

@Gargron yep, also seems to have my blog i created in 2010 still up. it's frustrating on what happened with tumblr.

@Gargron Making things worse: During the days immediately after the announcement of The Purge, people tried backing up shitloads of blogs and such on the Internet Archive. Tumblr ended up blacklisting the IA because of all the traffic, making further archival all but impossible.

The content of a hell of a lot of queer artists (writers, visual artists, etc.) is now lost because those artists deleted their Tumblrs and little-to-no archives of their blogs exist.

Fuck Tumblr.

@Gargron That's so sad. I'm sorry you lost the songs :(

Also a tip for anybody who wants to archive this kind of stuff in the future, you can actually capture the played sound with Audacity on the right settings

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