They're becoming a standard Unicode emoji...

@Gargron They look like lumpy mountains with holes through them, it took me a while to even parse what they were.

@DonchoGunchev @Gargron depending on how you move your hand it can have two meanings (for me at least):
- slow and smooth: (jokingly) what are you saying/doing? 🤨😲😄
- rapid: (angry) what the fuck are you saying/doing? or what the fuck do you want? 🤬

@Gargron eso seguro no significa lo mismo para todos.... y me digeron cuando fuy a paris que no lo hiciera jjj
¿Alguno explica significado?

@Gargron I already see me using it... like always, in every message I’m gonna type. Oh boi, this will be fun :tinking:

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