@Gargron see this is why mastodon is good nobody asks me for a telephone number that someone can steal

@Gargron Twitter says an attacker used its API to do the thing its API is for

@Gargron Microsoft accuses attacker of using Microsoft Word to write a document

@Gargron It is a confirmation that their feature works. For whom are interested in it.

@Gargron "State-sponsored attacker" was what it said on twitter!

@Gargron so basically what happened to Telegram during Hong Kong protests, pro-police attackers were simply adding contacts with phone numbers and Telegram matched it to real accounts, then they were searched in protestors groups. After this was disclosed Telegram added check to disable this feature, Twitter had it since beginning and even asked when you were adding your number, thanks for this at least.

The politics of bird site 

@Gargron ah yes twitter wanting my phone number “just for verification”

Do people not think this bullshit through

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