How did you (first) sign-up on ?

@Gargron Where's the option for "Mastodon signed up to me"?

@pettter @Gargron

“In Sovjet Russia Mastodon signed up to me.”

@Gargron I think this poll is missing "setup a server". At least that's what I'd have to select, guessing there are others (at least you 😉 )

@Gargron Where's the option "I don't remember how I got here..." 🤷‍♀️

@kevin @Gargron I first hopped on m.s (and still am :blobcatcoffee:) to "get as wide of a view of the network as possible".

Heard it on TV, saw that I could host my own instance and made my own 😊

@Gargron Could do with a 'started own instance' option 😜

@rodti Did you actually start it before checking Mastodon out by any other means?

@Gargron I read up on Mastodon but didn't start an account until I had my own instance up and running.

@Gargron I realise this is maybe a fringe case, but I self-host a whole pile of stuff and so when I read about Mastodon I thought 'this is for me' and had an instance spun up in about ten minutes.

@rodti @Gargron Yep, same here. I thought about signing up on another server, but was like, "nah, I want to run my own first." I had been working on this set of scripts for self-hosting:

and that's what I'm currently using to run this instance from the official docker containers. I got my first set of peeps to follow off of threads about Mastodon on and HackerNews.


@Gargron I registered in April 2017 and had my own account on there until I started in (I think) March last year.

@Gargron Count me in the "first account on my own instance" crowd

@Gargron As I recall my thinking when I first signed up was "I want whatever the official server is" and after a google search found that was M.S. I was only on there for maybe a week, if that, before I started my own server

I had no issues with M.S moderation at the time, but I didnt trust giving someone else the power to dictate to me what is or is not acceptable and hold my account hostage. So when I started my account it was intended to be a one man server but that quickly changed.

@Gargron i just signed up minutes ago, part of a FOSS for the weekend challenge

@Gargron and then at least 4 other places to finally come to the conclusion that fediverse is not TLS 1.3 ready...

@Gargron @emerican convinced me to do it! I looked Mastodon up on DuckDuckGo! Been meaning to created a Mastodon account for a while, but I never got around to doing it. Glad I have now, though!

@Gargron bought a domain and launched my own Mastodon instance :)

@Gargron Wow! So many "own" instances! Love this! 🌌

@Gargron Searching for a better and less restrictive social network on Google

@Gargron I started my own instance
this is my first account
not masto, but if pleroma didn't exist it would have been
@Gargron well if we're only talking Mastodon it's because I set up an instance, if we're talking about the Fediverse, it's because of the news articles about Gab
@lottev what, I didn't join on Gab! But only because that's how I heard of it.
@mewmew lol i see, you're better than me then bc i did join gab >>;;;

but that was before it went fedi, i first heard of fedi technically through gnusocial, but they said "fuck mastodon" and i had no idea what that was, so i looked it up and i was like "uhhhh ok that sounds pretty bad" and didn't do anything with it until way later, when i found out pleroma existed

@Gargron I wanted to try out the concept of federated social media for a while. I first looked for a Russian-language instance, but I didn't find a good enough one (there weren't any on so I signed up on the "default"

@Gargron Looking up "Open source twitter alternative" and being sucked into the black hole of .social

@Gargron Set up an instance with some friends (not this one, I've moved to a personal instance since)

@Gargron tbh i set up a server before I even looked up what federation was lmao
A friend said the word "mastodon" to me while I was going through a FOSS binge and I was like "hell, I've got server space" and then I showed up on the scene, read my own about page to get the gist and now I live here lmao

@Gargron Someone who talks a lot about FOSS on YouTube recommended it

@Gargron I found the link to it on a Dev.To profile. I found it cool and made a account.


I found out about GNUSocial, and after some reading I found Mastodon, so I created this instance.
All in the same day

@selea Finding out about GNUsocial in 2016-2018 is kinda funny.


yeah basically I saw a LXC container template i proxmox, and that's how it started

kinda funny, it is ;)

@Gargron I just set up this instance... no step before that :-)

@Gargron Invite was sent by friend, not on your list to vote...

@Gargron google search brought me to and an instance owned by the creator seemed most reliable lol

@Gargron KNZK GANG FOREVER (signups on .social we’re closed but the page was all “please sign up on this delightful Japanese instance instead”)

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