Good morning! Traveling home today

Long train journey is on. Ask me stuff so I have something to do, round two

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@Gargron good morning mate, have a great traveling 2 home t0day . Cheers from Chile :)

@halcy I don’t know them very well. The one that stops time and has knives?

@Gargron will mastodon ever support usernames with a dot or dash?

@ChrisWere @dansup Dots will confuse the routing conventions that allow format switching for pages. Dashes are kinda ugly. Both present certain risks for impersonations. It’s not a big deal but we do just fine without.

@Gargron Ah, that's very interesting.

Are underscores currently supported?

@Gargron Cool!


@x Do you mean like that 3.0 video or games in general?

@frommMoritz I can guarantee you I can’t use any posts like that without asking for permission from the authors first. But also, I don’t have money for that

@Gargron not a question. I have a crush on you! all the way from Iran :blobpats:


How much of Mastodon's funding is used to actually resurrect the specie from DNA preserved in amber ?

@LienRag Zero, if you watch the TV show Fortitude it’s probably for the best


Why does works in a RSS reader but in the same RSS reader doesn't load the replies (it gives the same result as ) ?


When will we have a button "see all your interactions with this account" (including private messages) in the profile menu (the one that has block, mute, report etc.) ?

@Gargron what would you do differently if you were to rewrite Mastodon from scratch today?

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