You know you’ve entered Germany when the quality of the onboard internet drops

@Gargron Everytime passing Passau when coming from Vienna.

@andreashornig Train

But anything, really. The train just connects to the same 3G network

@Gargron yeah, I can relate to that. Whenever I drive home by car from to via Autobahn, I experience it when listening to Spotify with my Phone. I would give ‘s space-internet a try to improve my situation :).
Our home village still has „one bar“ Edge reception, during good weather and right wind direction ;). Hmmmmm

@f0x EDGE? In case it is working at all, you are lucky.

On my daily train route of 30 minutes to work I have a 10 minute gap with no Internet at all. The route is from Düsseldorf to the Ruhrgebiet, a highly industrialized Area in Germany with high population density.

@Gargron Two things make us realise at a split second the moment we cross the Swiss-German border: drive speed and mobile internet speed.

lame joke; maybe; 

@Gargron “Achen”
It’s the sound ppl on SNCF or Thalys make when we enter in first city of Germany and mobile/onboard network starts failing 😄😅
That’s how the city is named so 🙈😄

@Gargron an all too familiar experience when crossing in from Austria.

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