Me to people who return to Mastodon whenever Twitter fucks up somehow

@Gargron Eugen stop playin' -- we all know the true Thanos of mastodon is @healyn

@Gargron i cackled at this, it's your best work yet *chef kiss*

@Gargron Thanos saying "you could not live with your own failure. And were did that bring you? Back to me."

Eiugen, I find this one a bit self-indulgent, to be fucking honest. Anyway, #CaptionEugen

It is rather sad really, Facebook goes down people take to Twitter, Twitter goes down people take to Facebook.

The real conversation is here of course or at least this is what I am finding

@Gargron I think a major problem is that those platforms are solidified so they garner the most attention.

How do you convince people to jump ship to something, that is in comparison to the known things, invisible?

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