Can someone offer advice if wall-mounted guitar holders are better or worse than guitar stands?

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@Gargron I use them and prefer it.

Make sure they are properly mounted of course.

@Gargron way better from a space saving perspective. Otherwise they're the same.

@Gargron I am heavily considering wall mounts since I have 5 guitars and a bass... Always a little surprised by the amount of space they take up

@Baulne @Gargron I got myself one of those long stands that holds 5 guitars (OK for me, because I have 4 and a bass) and they all just live happily in the corner. They're alright. Just sitting there chilling together XD

Although, wall space is a premium for me ^^; because I have a lot of books.

@Gargron mounted is very nice if you have limited space.

@Gargron Less likely to get knocked over or beaten up, I much prefer my wall mounted uke hanger.

Also it's just nicer to have your instrument at eye level

@Gargron I heard head-mounting brackets (where your guitar is only held by the head) may end up twisting the neck but I'm not too convinced

I mean, as long as you take it from its mounting to play it the wood would just settle back, imo it's only a risk if you leave it like this for 20 years

@emptyfortress @Gargron Considering how common it is for shops to store them like that I'd say the neck twisting is either something that only happens with super cheap guitars or someone got something mixed up.

(It wasn't actually a guitar, there was something wrong with the way the wall mount gripped the neck etc.)

Or it was started by a worrywart like myself and it got spread as fact.

@Gargron I prefer stands. You don't have to mount them to the wall (I just find that annoying, wouldn't be so concerned about safety). It's easier to move guitar to another room.

@Gargron They're better than stands if they have automatic locking mechanism for holding the guitar.

@Gargron Several benefits of wall-mounted:

1. Fits all guitars (even Flying-V, etc.)
2. more space-saving (no lean angle)
3. Better looking (like a painting, but it's a guitar, so way better by default)

@Gargron better. Stands pull up, then fall apart. Gauged 3 of mine trying to stabilize the stand. 3ways are garbage.

@Gargron off the floor seems smarter to me. As long as the mount is secure.

@Gargron i have both, but in practice I keep my guitars in hard cases with Oasis humidifiers, because I find case humidity easier to control than room humidity.

@Gargron I keep them in cases to try to maintain stable atmosphere/humidity

@Gargron Wall mounted is better. Safer and saves space and looks better.

@Gargron - wall mounted is my choice. I have lots of undecorated wall but very little floor space.

@Gargron The guitar stands are much better for long term care as the body is not supported fully in wall hangers and only hung from its neck . Stay tuned ;-)

@Gargron they can detune & damage the neck if left to languish. cases will always be the better option for storage. stands over wall for temporary usage.

@Gargron Wall hangers work fine (on most guitars) but then I've never hung one on a wall.

Nor better nor worse. If one of them would be so, no music store in the world would use it for the really expenive ones.
But best way to store your guitars is to use a case. An open guitar is a broken guitar :)).

@Gargron I've heard stands can warp the neck as well over long periods of time.

@Gargron Get shovel hooks that have a massive screw to mount to the wall. It leaves a giant hole but I've got all mine still hanging years after with no sagging. Saves so much space.

@Gargron You're choosing between having to make sure the guitar is upright so it doesn't topple and having to get the neck through a narrow bit to hang it.
I seriously doubt a wall hanger will damage the neck unless it's been designed weird, the guitar is super cheap or the guitar hangs there for a decade without being touched.

I guess it's also less likely to get hit by temperature or moisture changes from an open door if it's in the middle of a wall.

@Gargron depends in your wall ;-)
But they are very spacesaving.

@Gargron properly anchoring to a wall can be tough. You need to get a good anchor point - eg a stud, as drywall anchors can be unreliable over long term.

Also - in either case I worry about being close to a window both for UV/sunlight damage and temperature swings that knock you out of tune with mutliple-times- a day expand/contract.

A solid wall mount, well away from a window though, is prob best to preserve usually valuable floor space (if you live in small places like me).

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