I've updated There's now a new API for uploading media files, which will handle videos more reliably. Since this is brand new, only the web UI uses it for now, so you may not notice a difference from a different app.

There's also new rate limits for posting and following, though you shouldn't notice it. It's just to limit the impact of spam.

@Gargron wen shall we expect the "search" feature..?
Just curious.

@whale_murugan I don't know if has it enabled, it exists though. But even when enabled it's limited on purpose, you can only search within stuff you've already interacted with, your own toots or your own mentions.

thx for all you do
nurturing a more sane social media

also, did you add support for MIDI file attachments? i know it an ancient technology, but it is still being used by creative people in various ways (i'd like to think of myself as one of those people) ...

regardless ... thx again!

@js0000 We only allow uploads that are displayable/playable in browsers and mobile apps.

@Gargron Are you running the latest master code? Are the new functions stable enough? 📼

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