Imma be honest with you chief I never wanted to go outside as much as now

@Gargron watch out boys we got a s u p e r s p r e a d e r here

@Gargron Right? Suddenly I have all these errands to do, places to go....

@Gargron i'm coming up out of 6 weeks recovery from surgery and into an unknown amount of "social distancing" :|

@Gargron There's nothing like being told not to do something to make you want to do it. It's not just children; adults are the same way. Probably human nature.

I am going out to parks and nature walks, in addition to unavoidable tasks like grocery shopping. Parks offer distance and ventilation, as well a exercise and relaxation.

@Gargron I get stir crazy after a few hours at home 😅

@Gargron as long as you weren't specifically told to not leave the house there shouldn't be a problem with taking a walk, just avoid people, might be hard if you live in the city center but otherwise just take a walk in the nature.

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