@Gargron These are the actions in life that determine if you end up in heaven or hell IMHO

@Gargron Does said medical device company fund the Verge? I am just curious which company would do this amidst the crisis.

I could see if a regulating body stepped in and said that the valves had not been made using a validated process. But the actual company itself seems like more concern for bottom line than it does for safety.

@Gargron Is that FabLab the company that's threatening litigation? The story almost makes it sound like it's a third party company that the guy happens to work for...

@cryptoxic @Gargron As far as I can tell the company threatening litigation isn't named in the article.
Or, based on a quick auto-translation check, on the Business Insider Italia article which is used as the source.

@Asimech I didn't even think of auto-translate on the BI article.Good call!

@Gargron Exigent circumstances demand mandatory licensing, pooling, or revocation of patents.

@suetanvil @dredmorbius @Gargron ..and then someone asking why they were charging $11k each anyway, and trying to recoup say $10900 on each one the state had previously bought.

@penguin42 @dredmorbius @Gargron

The main reason is that medical gear needs astounding levels of quality control. There are legitimate reasons for (many of) the high prices these sorts of things go for.

The Italian situation seems to be one of use the dodgy ventilator or the patient dies anyway but we shouldn't mistake that for best practices.

@suetanvil We should also not justify the narratives of medical industry that is clearly making more than a reasonable share thanks to patents and arbitrary prices. It' hard to believe thay this is all explainable with quality control, or even mostly, and there are such drastic price differences between regions (say NA vs EU vs India) that this logic simply doesnt hold. Patents in medicine are largely harmful to those in need.

@Gargron Jesus fucking christ what is happening in the world where is the love an compa...
ima ganna stop here,I didnt expect anything less from humankind ngl

@Gargron Patents are just stupid... You invent one thing and patent it and leech of it until you die... That is just wrong in many ways. Not good for progress.

@madrox @Gargron they are an okay idea but terrible execution. In the fast-moving world of today, no copyright term ever should be in tens of years. Make it like 2 years and everything will be okay:
- still fine to conquer the market for inventions
- still fine to collect the box office revenue for movies
- still fine to sell millions of copies of a music album

What it is not fine for is the blatant abuse that is being done by corporations today.

@madrox @Gargron patents do make sense under several circumstances. When you invested several million Euro in the development of a product you need to make sure to get the invested money back.

I strongly dislike patents for software or just ideas though. And of course when human live is in danger than you have to be allowed to just ignore the patent.

@heluecht @Gargron Patents make only rich richer. How can a valve cost 10000USD and you can make it for 1USD. Does a ball bearing cost 10000USD? No it doesn't and it more technicaly advanced to make... This is just pure corruption. I would agree for patents to last max of 2 years and than it's free for public... And even then it should be limited for how much you can sell it and how much profit you can make of it.

@madrox @Gargron See a company like CureVac who invested I guess more than a billion Euros so far in developing a completely new method for vaccines. How are they expected to get their money back when everyone could jump on the train?

Having alive and healthy people is a reward itself and being able to make progress on something else, or invent something, maybe even more usefull and productive things...

@madrox @Gargron well, you have to feed the people who are working on this. And you shouldn't rely on publically financed tasks. It is very unlikely that on centrally financed and organized tasks there is less innovation. And especially in the health sector you can go very different tasks to reach a goal.

I see problems in the whole patent stuff - but I also see the reason for this.

@gargron Yeah ... I couldn't believe what I was reading. Trying to make a fortune off hospitals who need the supplies to treat patients. We can be judging harshly the company all day long but we don't know what's like to be on their side of things.


This is why patent and copyright laws are proven to be illegal.

It is also why equipment that I have designed for disabled people over the years have not been forwarded to any companies for production.

Any company that I could, or would, approach would price them out of the reach of those who would benefit from them.

Capitalism is cruelty.

@Gargron the article has now been updated to say that that’s not what happened. The company never threatened to sue. The original article mis-interpreted the words of a professor who was not directly involved in the conversation between the students who printed the valve and the company which holds the patent. There’s plenty wrong with the medical industry without making things up.

@Gargron I found that news deeply disturbing, but not entirely surprising given that that firm was stupid enough to buy IP from Theranos. There's always some patent trolls looming in this business...and they should be destroyed.

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