Why the fuck is something you need to make a hashtag out of

@Gargron eugen please reduce your faith in humanity to realistic levels

About a disgusting person. 

@Gargron ...because while it's mostly automatic, and mostly OKish, remembering to do it _more often_, and _more thoroughly_ than usual is still a valid and useful thing?

@Gargron Because US CDC numbers say that 81% of people worldwide do not wash their hands regularly. Now, some of them live in countries that don't have soap and running water, but that still leaves a lot of people in "advanced" nations that could be spreading disease-causing organisms.

@Gargron #BreatheAir #EatFood #GetSomeSleep #SeizeTheMeansOfProduction

To be fair. Out of all of the really stupid obvious ones, it's on the less-stupid side.

@Gargron Thanks for the reminder, I think! I'm usually washing hands two or three times a day

@Gargron we all know europeans aren't specially known for their cleanliness.

@Gargron Washing hands wastes water and time. Time that could be better spent avoiding corona


Never sit on somebody else' stool, because your arse will get covered in their shit.

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