Is The Thick of It worth watching? I keep seeing references to Peter Capaldi's character from that show

@gargron I'd like to know as well, because the clips I have seen of his character are pure gold.

@Gargron In The Loop is basically a feature-length distillation of that series so if you're more into a shorter thing go for that

@Robert_R_Freitag_II @Gargron
"it's a fucking lockdown right now" quite on topic 😄

@Gargron the shaky camera is a bit nauseating. I usually cringe at “reality” tv stylings and this is no different but Capaldi is very good.

@Gargron Yes, although you certainly don't need to start from the beginning.

(I've never seen the 1st series and don't feel like I've missed out.)

@Gargron It is!

Maybe not ideal lockdown viewing though. I can imagine that laughing at incompetent, self-serving politicians is much harder in the current climate...

@Gargron If you can tolerate the horrendous shakycam. I'd watch the show if I could.

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