@selfsamesynonym 1. Yes, I remember the Samsung cash. It's right here, with a full usage history:


2. I was paid by the company Purism, which makes free software laptops and phones, for which I worked a whole year as a web designer prior, to make a few adjustments for their new Mastodon server before it launched

3. Nobody paid for authenticated fetch and I pushed that idea hard even against opposition

@Gargron @selfsamesynonym Well AXSHUALLY, your meme, and also you as a human, are VERY Bad and I hope you Also feel very Bad because

@selfsamesynonym @Gargron you are taking memes too seriously lad, just lay back and relax a bit

here, listen to this: https://invidio.us/watch?v=CDzG2RaZORo

@selfsamesynonym This isn't a gotcha moment. I've just seen those posts and know who I'm talking too.

@selfsamesynonym 1. I was and still am against whitelisting as a default federation model. I have since added a whitelist mode for academic uses which I respect. Authenticated fetch wasn't even a concept at the time those discussions were happening and is unrelated to whitelisting.

2. I never acted shocked and apalled about what Purism was doing. You must be confusing me with someone else. How they run their server is their business. This also predates Gab appearing on the fediverse.

@selfsamesynonym 3. A one-time grant is not a revenue stream. For what it's worth, the meme doesn't even contain the word "revenue", it contains the word "monetization".

@selfsamesynonym @Gargron Do you know what venture capital is? It's a bit different from "any money".

@selfsamesynonym @Gargron wish Mastodon supported emoji reacts so I could give this the 🤦 it deserves

@Gargron Not sure to understand. Mastodon actions are in hands of venture capital?
How does Mastodon sustains itself?

@rival There's no venture capital. Development of Mastodon is crowdfunded.

@Gargron Thanks a lot for answer, Eugen, ! (And for all your useful work.)

@Gargron It's almost as if they think that if your idea can't be "monetized" and sold to a VC, it doesn't have any value. Hilarious.

@flugennock @Gargron You're completely right. Value is not always money, value is many things and Mastodon is one of them. An open sourced platform for people to talk, freely and without prejudice. In fact, I'm going to add more Value by creating an open source, cross platform mobile app for the fediverse to include not only Mastodon but Pixelfed, Pleroma etc all in the same feed. Protecting human rights and civil liberties by free flowing communication definitely has Value in my outloook.

@flugennock @Gargron

And it’s almost as if they think venture capital companies would have infinite money.

@shpuld @Gargron

In the Fediverse only the fewest memes are “dead”.

@Gargron fuck, i meant to toot this as low effort text a few days ago

Do you drive? Your alt text has "left" and "right" mixed up


Most do, but this isnt taken with a selfie camera? Sorry, I dont seem to understand. Care to elaborate? 🌸

I'm guessing if it was mirrored (flipped), the text on the image be would too

@ola The joke would be that it's @Gargron going "haha funny post go toot".
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