My city, in a stroke of brilliance, reduced the number of different tram lines and their frequency. Everything to make sure the otherwise reduced number of people on the streets is as tightly packed in public transport as possible. Big brain move

@bortzmeyer There are about 100 cases of infections here total

@Gargron I beg to differ. This would only increase the likelihood of the virus spreading to other people.

@MrVulcan @Gargron yes, this is the point Oigen is raising. He is saying that such a move is counterproductive.


Take "comfort" in knowing that brilliant minds abound in many a city, including those who administer the public/private transportation service of Barcelona, Catalunya, eSpain, which moved in a similarly big brained manner. Ouch.

Otherwise, greetings from my own particular space in the above mentioned city.

@Gargron in my province all the open stores have reduced hours, which makes them busier during the hours they're open 🤦‍♀️

@Gargron чувак!!!! Это ты меня выгнал с сервака??? Пощта ты так со мной п#скуд@?????!!!!😭

@Gargron Bet the guy that thought of that got a bonus

That's not as bad as in our cities @Gargron

Public transpo are not running here. Only free shuttle for #frontliners.

Folks who don't have their own vehicles 🚲🚗🛵 have no option but to walk. 🚶‍♀️

And each household can only have 1 designated person that can leave the house.

Imagine that 1 person having to walk with heavy groceries, and the nearest supermarket is many blocks away. 😶

#COVID19 #ncov #quarantine #stayhome #Philippines #luzon

Is it in Paris ? Because, in Paris, it"s the same thing... (and surely everywhere with the covid-19 and the confinement...)

And you don't understand, right?
"Essentially stupid people are dangerous and damaging because reasonable people find it difficult to imagine and understand unreasonable behaviour."
Here, have a read:

@Gargron same thing happening here, and grocery store hours have been shortened as well. i seriously dont get the logic here.

@Gargron Instead of, you know, forbidding all transport period (and hoping people stocked enough food for 18 months of lockdown)?

@Gargron Same here in Mannheim. Additionally Opening hours of supermarkets got shortened essentially forcing more people at the same time to go shopping. Very clever indeed....


It's the same as putting the more seriously affected victims into shared wards, which only serves to concentrate the air and objects around them. Obviously, this puts them at a higher risk of death.

Oxygen masks and tents only serve to concentrate the degree of infection.

The Covid-19 fiasco is merely to collapse the world' economies.

I'd like to see Boris Johnson force fed human scat. That way he would know what it's like to have shit rammed his throat, just as he does to us.

@Gargron yeah I've been noticing it too and had the very same thought. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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