Hmm, is it just me or are a lot of people joining Mastodon right now? Did something happen?

@Gargron I hear there's this thing where they're making people stay in their homes a lot...

@Gargron i pushed an update to my app on google play so people receive push notifications

@mangomamba @Gargron no, i'm super happy. My latin brothers should be free from websites used as imperialist tools.

@mafioletti @Gargon In my country the president uses Twitter as an imperialist tool. He's right up there with Putin, Mao, Ali Khamenei and Mitch McConnell

@williamgarcia I love your profile. Communicators always ring my bell 🔔

@Gargron We are from Venezuela. Twitter censures our reality. We believe in Mastodon.

@Gargron Facebook exodus. Coronavirus means they sent home office staff and handed moderation over to bots. Except the bots suck at it and are censoring all kinds of stuff that's not actually against TOS. People have been looking for new platforms.

@Gargron You are right!🤓 We come from Twitter; in future maybe I will put my own server for join to Federation.

Best regards from 🇻🇪!

(cc @lubrio ).


Why did they ban you? Curious to know the story. Any English language story link, please?

@Gargron @lubrio

@Gargron mostly of people are Venezuelans like me, Twitter is sanctioning Venezuelan accounts because of the US Sanctions over our country.

@Gargron how do we know the number of active users in this app?

@cryptosiast @Gargron in this app it's complicated, but you can have stats at every instances...

@The_englishman_abroad @Gargron They're threatened, as well they should be. I've had enough of their crapola

@vivianrose @Gargron There's a bijillion people here, "y'all be 'nuff fo' mi."

¿Nadie le avisó a @Gargron que veníamos l@s chavistas?
Why did nobody tell @Gargron that the Chavistas were coming?

@liliamarga @Gargron bievenid@s camaradas ! Viva chavez y la revolución bolivariana!

@Gargron we aré people from venezuela pro goverment ! To support the president Nicolás Maduro and twitter close aré account

@Rjimenes @Gargron I truly believe in freedom of speech, so welcome. But does Maduro's government believe in it?

@Rjimenes @Gargron I agree: he doesn't, but American institutions don't belong to the President. In Maduro's case, it's my impression that he is the State, and he doesn't seem to be very fond of criticism. But I could be wrong.

@Rjimenes @Gargron It wouldn't be the first time. It's not going to be the last time. Enjoy Mastodon. This is a safe place for people and ideas. Let us all help to keep it like that.

Yeah — Twitter, THAT'S what happened. It's getting noisier and more toxic by the day. We're being overrun by Party-sponsored trolls and bots, fascist howlers, brainless show-biz celebrities and mainstream media hacks dropping shit-takes.

I've been evangelizing for Mastodon in "Birdland" every chance I get, every time a comrade or important dissident voice is restricted or silenced by Twitter.

@Gargron es porque los Venezolanos, nos cansamos de ser censurados en

Estamos dispuestos hacer crecer en usuarios esta red social. Y si necesitas algunas recomendaciones para esta plataforma 🤝 con mucho gusto te las ofrecemos.

Es 🇻🇪 en @Mastodon

@Gargron Venezuelan citizens, we are moving here, because Twitter suck..

@Gargron your president Trump at any time blocks all accounts on twitter Venezuela.
We are the 🇻🇪

@Gargron we will boost your social network.. free, no taxes..

@Gargron a lot of people having more time to spend than usual, persuading them to try new things?

@Gargron Chavismo convocado por su dirigencia, obediencia, disciplina y compromiso.

@Gargron es una avalancha Venezolana y Chavista que esperamos que no sea censurada

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