Is anyone planning to start a Venezuelan Mastodon server yet?

@franklinlopezt @Gargron es un nodo o servidor para que corra mastodon :mastodon: cualquiera puede montar uno y darle apoyo a la mayor descentralización de la red

@MarxingerZ @Gargron voy a invertigas más sobre el tema muchas gracias. Comparto la idea q plantean. Es necesario q se creen redes propias

@Gargron I'm curious as to how a Venezuelan Mastodon could be used by activists to organize in the way other social media outlets have been used for revolutions.

@Gargron we hope it will be soon! my friend /espero que sea pronto! mi amigo😎

@Rjimenes are you experiencing high charge on from venezuelians? (I already asked you lately...) @Gargron ?

@Gargron It would be great, but if we do, it's IP address would probably be blocked by international ISP.

Our country is under siege from the US government. Our Twitter accounts are being mass blocked, even our health institutions accounts during this pandemic.

@deltaremc If that's a concern you can host it on a Venezuelan hosting provider, probably?

@Gargron Maybe, but most likely it would be isolated from the rest of the Mastodon network. Many official web sites are blocked on other countries.

Anyway, creating our own instance has been one of my suggestions since 2018.

@Gargron We will try to promote this initiative with the Venezuelan state, for now thank you for receiving us in this space. Cheers

@PetroDivisa @Gargron i want know about this social network, maybe i make my server @serena lol ... sorry my english is not good... tengo problemas para los tiempos. Mejor aprendo alemán.

@Gargron Hi. We will get to work to support the Mastodon project with servers in Venezuela. Thank you for all your effort on this project.

@Gargron In CNTI we will attemp to setup a Matodon instance waitt for news

@Gargron en CNTI estamos haciendo los arreglos para instalar una instancia de Mastodon, pronto estaremos compartiendo mayor información

@Gargron Thank's for receiving us bro! Let's seek for those servers!!👍

@Gargron I am building a GNU/Linux (Debian Stable) installer with pre-installed packages and a Script for make easy deployments of Mastodon Servers. It will be ready in a few days.

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