Imma be honest with you chief regardless of the fact that I think *ought* to stay open for reasons I outlined on our official blog I am feeling psychologically overwhelmed by the influx of new people and worried if my architecture will be able to handle it... It's been put to the test by a fair number of overlapping user migrations recently...

We need to spread new people between all the different Mastodon servers but how? I don't even know how people are finding specifically, I sure as hell ain't promoting it anywhere, so there's no switch I can turn to make new people go to a different server.


All I can do is kindly ask that if you are inviting people to Mastodon on other social media, Telegram groups or whatever else, please please use the page instead of linking to specifically. Thank you

@Gargron Hi! I put your advice at Twitter, translated into Castilian language (AKA Spanish) please be patient, thanks in advance!

cc @lubrio @otrak0ssa

@Gargron Can you please explain why it's better to use the "join" page instead of In Venezuela we know about Mastodon because people from the "open source world" are inviting to use this media in response to the Twitter censorship.

@douglasrangel Because links to many many different Mastodon servers (that aren't So on one hand people can find a server that's thematically or regionally closer to them, and on the other the growth is distributed among different servers without overloading a single one

When I joined, was closed for new registrations. If it wasn't, I'd probably have used it.

So it definitely works. If you don't want to close the door completely, perhaps add a warning or something when people try to register?

@rodolfoajs It's possible to migrate your account to another server.

@rodolfoajs @Gargron stay here, but if you're going to invite other people ->

@Gargron @douglasrangel
I feel I may have done it the wrong way around because I can't find the filters from
What should I do? Join .org Start all over?

@Alimay @Gargron If you are already here. Stay here. But if you're going to invite other people ->


Perhaps rather than stopping people from signing up, an aggressive campaign to get existing members to "graduate" from dot social and move on to other servers, now that they've got a feel for the whole federation concept?

I'm unfortunately not sure what that would look like, but it at least would avoid the UX delay you cite in another reply. There must be people with experience that could be leveraged in that direction.

@Nezchan @Gargron
That's not a bad suggestion. The communication of that to new users could be difficult without scaring them off before joining.

@Halbeard @Gargron

It's very much my own trajectory. I started on dot social since that's where the links were pointing at the time (this was before some of the really big waves came along), and there developed a culture of encouraging people to spread out over other instances once you got your sea legs, so to speak.

I tried out a handful, and ended up liking wandering-shop, so I migrated at that point.

@Nezchan @Gargron id totally be up for that!! Been thinking of moving my account to brother instance but idk how and if it would be a hassle etc, so making a streamlined, accessible, and obvious way to do it would be helpful i think :3

@miiiwu @Gargron

I found the process really simple. Just make a new account at the other instance to check it out and see if you like the place, then go into your dot social settings and archive all your stuff. You can import it all into your new account and there's a redirect setting that sends people over there from your current profile.

You'll probably need to rebuild your followers to some degree, but a lot of what you've got now are probably inactive or just followbacks anyway.

@miiiwu @Gargron

And in my experience, you're still likely to get about the same level of engagement on your toots so it's all good.

@Gargron Excuse me gentleman, I am not very familiar with this website ... I only did it to see if I could start conversations with Venezuelans ... I did not have the remote idea that you are the one who had to follow him ... I do not even know how I will do it , but if he takes me out of his followers it would be excellent for me

I think it doesn't make sense to do that. If I'm. Interested in tech, so I would sign up in fosstodon. It's better centralize

@Gargron I understand that you don’t want to censor Mastadont strictly? For example, take me and my friends. We are used to a certain way of communicating. On the other hand, it may seem that we are quarreling with each other or rude to each other, but this is absolutely not so. These are just each other's friendly jokes. We like it, laugh at ourselves and our friends. And, sometimes, we don’t choose an expression. But this doesn’t mean anything bad at all)

@elenaizbana____ @Gargron
Насколько я понял - здесь какие-то волнения в стационаре? Местные нас бояцца? Не силён в англосаксонском, но суть улавливаю.

@elenaizbana____ I think that @Gargron doesn't mind how you choose to communicate on Mastodon.

Scaling a site to millions users takes a lot of hard work, and Mastodon was designed from the start to spread the hosting costs and the workload across thousands of federated instances, each with separate admins.

For example, I chose, which is hosted in France by a student of software engineering (meanwhile, he has become a professional 👏).

I feel I fell into [said group]/ I'm new and signed up and I'm on Mastodon Social the same. I don't know how use this the way you're expecting me to. Like I said, I just signed up. Checking out the people before I dive in.. I have followed a couple of people /but how to use [instances?] I don't know, So here I am.... So what do I do to help with this from my point? Thanks.
@elenaizbana____ @Gargron

@IsaNoneya @elenaizbana____
Well, first of all, a big welcome to all newcomers! I hope you'll find interesting people to follow and you'll share content that other people find interesting or useful.

I guess @Gargron's request says it all: if you're inviting your friends to Mastodon, please send them to where they can choose an instance that's thematically or geographically closer to them instead of just going to

In case you realize that the instance you picked wasn't a great match for you, you can simply create another account somewhere else and migrate there.

Decentralization is a core value of this community, because it shifts control from a single platform owner to its users, who are free to vote with their feet, or even start a new instance (which takes time and money, but is still within reach of a skilled student).

@IsaNoneya @elenaizbana____ @Gargron

@elenaizbana____ @Gargron Mastodon does not censor anything. Your admin is the person you should be asking ( about rules. If they are ok with it, it's fine, if not, choose a different instance.

@Gargron humble apologies I joined social (a little while ago), I live in japan and post mostly in japanese, are you aware of a japanese language server I can point people to?

@Gargron send them to ONLY if they already live in my basement

@Gargron No worries chief! We are prepared and ready for a whole bunch of new migrations! ❤️ Love!

@Gargron An immediate fix would be if the sign up page redirected to no?
Source code or just make the server do it.

@gemlog @Gargron I think it's trickier than that because he may not want to deny people the ability to sign up for, and yet, he doesn't want newcomers to think mastodon ==

@trevdev Doesn't that instance have .5mm users already? I think joining was closed for a time even.

@gemlog Well registration is open right now, so this is what I'm getting from the intention of the message. But it is just my assumption.

@trevdev It just seems unlikely that a plea on mastodon to NOT use will be effective at all. Merely a 'good intention' at best.
If the problem is too many ppl on then redirect to the choices - and I assume itself is one of the choices on offer anyhow, if someone really, really wanted that instance.
I'm going for a walk downtown - it's sunny, clear and cold, which is just about my favourite time of year! :-)

@gemlog The problem that I've found with shutting off registration in general is that it creates more work for whomever is signing up, which immediately drops their chances of adopting.

Maybe a first-time cookie to test if they've ever been there before that will prompt a feature to visit instead is in order?

It is also my favorite time of year. Not too hot for me and the dog, not too cold either.

@trevdev Redirecting the menu item for join causes no more work for the person signing up. I was advocating for that - not turning off registrations per se. They can still do it from joinmastodon.
Besides, they are better served by beginning to understand the differences with twit and all the micro-communities and SIGs there are in the fediverse.

@trevdev I was too hot yesterday, so I ditched another layer, but this jumper has to go too now - until next winter.
So nice out! The only thing better would be if the farm would start up again and I was being paid to be out in it! :-)

@Gargron, CEO de @Mastodon, RECOMIENDA que si estamos invitando personas a esta red social, debemos decirle que utilicen la instancia /servidor o federación en lugar de vincular específicamente a


Has the idea been floated that redirect to something like joinmastodon when people go to register, perhaps with a splash page explaining what's happening, when someone goes to register there?

I've probably over simplified the whole situation, I think it would be great to have a less-mastodon, more fediverse focus on things, but for this one situation, I wonder if some simple web tricks will help with the situation.
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