I've just added this documentation page, which talks about why you, as a user, might want to run your own Mastodon server, and what that would require

Let me know what you think!

@Gargron i would also say that you also have to do a lot of moderation work not only for your own server, but also for every server you federate with and that this job is a very nerve-racking process

@koyu That sounds a bit jaded. If you're running a personal server just for yourself, the "moderation" work is basically the same as blocking/muting on Twitter at the pace that you encounter assholes. It all basically scales with usage and content discovery.

@Gargron that is true, i just want to make sure the risks are also noted there, because things can either grow big or people get annoying over time

@koyu Good point. Maybe like a warning box that says running a public server anyone can sign up on is a responsibility that involves a lot of people work, or something

@koyu @Gargron wait, what? No you don't. You don't need to do any moderation at all.
@koyu @Gargron I've taken <15 moderation actions on my public instance in the past few months

@mewmew @Gargron perhaps it really depends on which people you hang out with 🤔

@koyu @Gargron hang out with :comfy: people and there really isn't a lot of moderation needed

Let me think
* Block gab and spinster and cliterati
* Media block baraag
* Delete a spambot
* Suspend a few remote mkultra (don't marry movement) accounts

Is pretty much all that's necessary for a good experience

@Gargron That looks good!

Do you know if this is possible to run on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B at all?

@qmm Possible, it probably is, but would also probably be very slow

@Gargron Aaa you responded thank you for that.

And noted, should I get interested and have the money to do this, I'll look into something else. Thank you!

@xj9 @Gargron @qmm main issue in both cases is storage space imo.
@qmm could also be worth considering pleroma if you want to put that Pi to use.

@Gargron You might wanna find a Docker image of mastodon and run the server on something like Digital Ocean. Its very quit and easy :)

@XorDiaper I maintain a DigitalOcean 1-click install image for Mastodon. Not sure what advantage using Docker would be here.

@Gargron Awsome! you can do this in many ways. So Digital Ocean share this image on their pages?

I am thinking about doing the same thing, I made my mastodon to day :)

@Gargron I think the document should also mention the work required to maintain the personal server.

There are updates that require manual intervention, a small server will not last forever and at some point you will have to migrate, for example.

In the end it is always the classic trade off, control vs convenience.

@Gargron Do you only store files for a limited time? Presumably you can forbid file uploads and just have links which hopefully render...that sounds like potentially huge expense

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