Do you use the notifications "quick filter bar" with "display all categories" enabled in the webapp?

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I hope this isn't needed but just in case, this is what "quick filter bar" with "display all categories" means:

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The reason I'm asking is that if I add more notification types in the future that line of icons will start looking like a sardine can, and, frankly, I don't see the value of having all that granularity for stuff like "a poll I voted in has ended", so I was hoping for once nobody's using this off-by-default feature so I could just remove it and leave just the one that gives tabs for "All" and "Mentions" because that's actually useful on a day to day basis

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@Gargron its such a useful feature, but i didn't know about for a whiiiile

@gargron Oh, I use that decently frequently in the 3rd party app i use, but didn't know there was a way to use it on the official webapp 👀

@Gargron It was. Lol. I’m glad you posted this, I just turned it on.

@Gargron maybe if you add more tabs the user could choose the tabs they want to see.


I use All, Mentions and Follows pretty frequently, but don't have much need to separate boosts and favourites. If the latter two were combined I'd be fine with it, although I can see where it might be useful to some folks.

Finished polls is the only one I hit rarely if at all.

@Gargron Once I found one post I was looking for thanks to the poll notification filter.

@Gargron funny, the thing i use the most besides “All” is polls 🤷‍♀️

@Gargron To be honest, it’s sometimes quite hard to find even a recent poll, so I would be annoyed it was removed.

But maybe combining fav+boost (or removing it?) and polls+follows («Misc»?) would work?

@gargron actually mentions, mentions with ended polls and all is all you need.
Well I just like ended Polly, but could do with the old save that poll URL somewhere, if its just mentions or all.

Unknowingly, I only have All and Mentions, plus the drop-down menu.
It takes me a long time to figure out so many options.

@Gargron You could let the user choose which granularity to show

@Gargron Would be nice to have notifications for accepted Follow Requests

@Gargron The filters I use are mentions and followers. The latter is really missing from the "simple" filter.

@Gargron exclusively usually, yes. I only switch to a specific filter momentarily.

@Gargron 🔘 Didn't know/remember it was there until you described it

(The rare time I've wanted to see more specific stuff I've just fiddled with the regular checkboxes.)

@gargron I didn't realize it was there.

Now that I've found it, I'm going to leave it on. Seems handy and doesn't take up any extra screen real-estate.

@Gargron I did not know that this is a thing until I saw this post, but now I started using it.

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