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Good morning. I’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future but today is my last day in the office. I’ll miss it ❤️

good morning and shout out to my first ever own computer

found it at a yard sale in the mid-nineties. it came with a book of BASIC programs you could transcribe into the computer.

good morning, here’s a post-home-workout selfie. please excuse the attempt at a beard; I won’t let the opportunity this quarantine presents go to waste. [cw ec]

Good morning. My team traded video tours of our working-from-home setups so here’s mine.

Good morning. Here’s an emoji map of my home province, New Brunswick. Source:

I grew up roughly between the 🇬🇧 and 🥔

Good morning. I took a really nice bath yesterday – placed my phone on the tub ledge so I could listen to music through the water.

*incredibly time has no meaning voice* “good morning” [cw cat face no ec]

not even careful cropping could hide the shame of my poor cable management here 😭

I swear when I moved here 18 months ago I was like “this time, I’ll get it right, right away” but over time I’ve become “meh” to it :gudetama:


@ashfurrow You've been chaining these replies since January 1st, goddamn. It's lagging my browser a little.

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@ashfurrow @Gargron I told you not to restart the chain in the new year. :^)

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