So every time someone posts a GIF in a chat and every time you open Giphy in your app / keyboard, Facebook will get data on you, did I get that right? Is that why a GIF collection was worth $400M?

@Gargron Nah, it's the trojan horse into Slack. That's what it is. Once they own Giphy, they pretty much own Slack.

@Gargron I think they should have charged FB $10 Billion for giphy

@Gargron Giphy also gets paid to inject "branded gif"/ads into their search... 🤮

@Gargron imagine being able to buy insight into people's vocabulary

Facebook reduced vocab through ux first to "like" then to a limited set of reactions, now it will observe expression selection in real-time

@xurizaemon @Gargron turns out Facebook really just wants to make an extremely accurate model of human cognition based on our (inherently failed) efforts at communication

@Gargron provably about registrering emotions / feelings expressed through gifs.

@Gargron Can't be more redundant data on their system by now.

@Gargron apparently not on Signal:

They've spent time and effort to avoid exactly what you describe.

@berkes @Gargron Unfortunately, giphy still knows about the aggregated usage of all of Signal. They can probably estimate how many users they have, where they are using search timestamps, and their interests. What Signal has done helps a lot still though!

@Gargron fuck them: download gifs before publishing them and use pixelfed.Voilà.

@kirjis @Gargron I have a folder in my computer with 567 GIFS! And who use 1000 GIFS daily?

@kirjis @Gargron Maybe this is the time for Signal, Telegram, Mastodon, Pixelfed and many other open source/working for privacy social networks of putting together and working and creating a new library?

@Gargron They're buying visibility into slack and signal.

@Gargron (and whatever else it integrates with but yeah).

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