Can't wait for people who unironically believe that birds aren't real to pop up. It is inevitable

I believe in birds... I think they're doing great

@Gargron What if you beliebe that birds are just flying rats? Do you beliebe?

@Gargron hey buddy how can I choose what to see and language in toots ?

@gargron wait what? is this the latest dumb conspiracy or something

@fraggle It is the latest joke conspiracy. But the flat earth one started as a joke too.

There are more bird species than mammals! Therefore, more dinosaur species are alive today than mammals.

@Gargron Ah, you mean the government spy bots they cover in faux feathers. They're replacing the batteries in them while we're all locked up inside, you know.

There, now you don't have to wait anymore.

@Gargron Except for the ones that dive into the oceans to catch fish and instead get their stomachs filled with plastic; They die from starvation.

@Gargron Twitter will federate soon with us and you already know it

@Gargron I thought the weird signs I was seeing in my village stating "birds aren't real" were just a local person being twisted.

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