I started watching Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares because a podcast I listen to was talking about it and it's very much up my alley

@Gargron seen the one with the pidgeon in the kitchen yet?

@FiXato I'm 30 minutes into the first episode of the first season, give me some time

@Gargron hehe, no sweat :)
I have to remind myself that quite some of this is probably exaggerated for TV, or else I wouldn't dare step inside any restaurant anymore xD

@lashman @Gargron I'm curious too, I've heard they're very different?

@timleach @Gargron they are, yeah ... the UK one is INFINITELY better

@lashman @Gargron as with most things 😉

Having said that, even as a Brit myself I can't hack the British Office but I think the American one is great! I think it's far too cringe for me, plus I reeeaaaaally don't like Gervais

@Gargron serious question: Why?

From my POV he is an arrogant bully paid to shout obscenities and belittle people.

@Gargron In other words, I wouldn't join a Gordon Ramsay masto instance ;)

@Gargron ok. I think I read you have only watched a few episodes. I hope you change your mind. Ramsay is base and plays to the worst in people. If he were the person he is (pretends to be?) on Masterchef Kids then I might understand. But the fact that he can switch between both personalities tells me that he and his producers enjoy him belittling others and that makes me very sad.

@Gargron That's pretty much the only "reality" show I've ever bothered with because Ramsay really knows his shit, and I love his attitude, and it's truly amazing what literal nightmares some of those places were.

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