Here is a fabled Patreon update... Mostly stuff you already know if you're following me, but also a picture you might enjoy seeing

@Gargron woah e2e. I wanted to experiment with adding it to Tusky for a long time.
Signal protocol then, eh?

@lukas @charlag If your problem is with the Signal company / Moxie, we're not actually going to use libsignal as released by them, we're going to use Olm which is a re-implementation by the Matrix folks

i expirienced Signal as unreliable, might be different to others but if i get a message, i dont even get notifications

and mostly messages just get lost
(>40 people reported the same in the company)


@lukas @charlag Signal as in the encryption scheme (double ratchet, previously also called Axolotl). It doesn't have anything to do with the mobile app Signal!

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