This should be interesting... Mastodon servers that aren’t hosted from/in the US should prepare to handle more traffic, I think...

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@Gargron You mean it might have been an impulsive response that will probably do exactly not what was intended? From that guy? Wow!

The cannot filter spam angle is interesting. Imagine FaceBook or Twitter with unfiltered spam; that's the dystopia I'm looking for!


@Gargron I am not so sure this will backfire. I think it is unwise to underestimate how quickly American companies will bend over backwards to appease conservatives. If your institutions are rock solid then you can rely on laws to withstand assult but american institutions are not nearly that stable.

re: uspol 

@debugninja @Gargron also the republican party literally owns twitter

re: uspol 

@ben @Gargron facebook put former republican reps on their board and jack over at twitter is a raging libertarian (in the american right use of the word) so yeah. The whole silcon valley is left leaning is a convenient straw man for the right.

re: uspol 

@debugninja @Gargron when republicans say "leftist" they mean "republican but wearing blue"

@Gargron : Section 230(c)(2) enables Gmail to block spam without being sued by the spammers. Without it, you'd need to use a local spam checker or they simply provide a means for *you* to install *your own* filter rules. Hardly the end of days.

@Gargron feel like a lot of Twitter refugees might be in for a rude awakening if many of the non-US instances' admins also just end up banning their controversial content

Or would they all get funneled towards controversial instances that would accept them but are quite isolated from most of the fediverse?

Ah, yes… Indeed. Many of us have found ourselves in that quandary already. The #DecentralizedConundrum, I call it.
/cc @Gargron

@Gargron time to think about ramping up the number of mods too I guess.

@Gargron why does everything i do never work out for me?

@Gargron Can't host in the US because of this executive order, can't host in the EU because of the GDPR and warrantless wiretap laws, can't host in the UK because there's no guarantee that they will still have intercontinental cables by the end of the summer, can't host in Australia because encryption is now illegal,

can I just buy a web server in the 1990s and host from there?

@Almafeta GDPR is not a problem and I haven't heard about warrantless wiretap laws over here

@Gargron @Almafeta Which warrantless wiretapping laws are you referring to?
There‘s no such thing in the EU.

GDPR is not a problem for you unless you start selling user profiles after automatically analyzing them without their consent.
Doesn‘t seem to me like that is your intention in the first place. :-)

@MacLemon @Gargron @Almafeta I think in my view, he's referring to the CLOUD Act that was passed earlier this year.

@joeo @Gargron @Almafeta If you host with a US company in their EU datacenter access to your data by US authorities is already covered by the Patriot act. Cloud act just makes it easier for US intel.

I would not consider such a service as being „hosted in the EU”.

It‘s perfectly possible and done hosting Mastodon instances and other services without AWS, Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

@Gargron @Almafeta warrantless wiretap laws is new to me also especially in European countries covered by GDPR

only new thing I've heard to with warrantless is

"Now there's nothing stopping the PATRIOT Act allowing the FBI to slurp web-browsing histories without a warrant" < US

@Almafeta @Gargron you can host in the USA if you moderate in line with reasonable freedom of speech principles
@Almafeta @Gargron it's not like this matters for anyone who isn't Twitter though

@Gargron 环球同此凉热,都是难民 The same warmth and cold throughout the globe, twitter or weibo, we are all refugees...

@Gargron IANAL, nor am I versed in any legality relating to this; should admins hosting in the US consider moving their instances/services outside the US?

I get that this is primilar aimed at Big Corp, but it feels like this might go much further

@electricsand @Gargron Knee-jerk reactions won't help. My instance too is hosted in the US and for now I am going to take it one step at a time. I'll be saddened if this not only curtails speech other projects and instances. (Of the things my org runs they it's this instance and a web board)

For now I'll gather info, watch and wait. Just don't panic.. **yet**.

@emuz @Gargron that's about where I'm at.

except without the foreknowledge and deep understanding part :s

That part comes with time! (unfortunately) Once everyone knows more we can act accordingly.

@Gargron let's be honest and real for a second

how many executive orders has trump actually signed now that turn out to be all hype and nothing actually gets done or happens 😂

distraction, after distraction, and media fall for it always

now saying that

this executive order will be worth following but I'd bet nothing actually happens or gets done

just a hunch < because history

"I think I'd be hurting it very badly if we didn't use it anymore," Trump said from the White House. "We have other sites we can use, I guess, or we'd have to develop other sites."

@Gargron How would you feel about a government, maybe even the US, deploying a system utilizing Mastodon to make a public social network, or even just a .gov instance. I think Trump turning to the Fediverse might be a good thing overall.

@daniel @Gargron

I don't want to see the government develop any sort of other Twitter-like entity, but there's a potential opportunity for another network.

If Trump—like him or hate him—decides to use something else, it gets an instant userbase and advertisement via the media. He can use whatever he wants, so perhaps lashing out on Twitter—on Twitter is the wrong tactic.

@Gargron I do hope that a Twitter alternative starts to take off, perhaps it will be Mastadon. Haven't logged on in quite some time.

I'd much prefer if they just acted as a channel for information with very little moderation. Mostly I like to follow people that make cool stuff, and really hate having to see politics on there period.

@Gargron to be honest, I think the ZDF got it right: (German)

They just broke 100000 deaths due to coronavirus and a censorship debate about himself is an easy way to cover it up.

@Gargron Tbh I'm thinking I may start promoting Mastodon more on Twitter in hops to get furry artists to hop onto it.
I imagine you're outside the "know" but the basically due to a lot weird shenanigans Twitter somehow became the home of the furry community but at the cost of not being able to self moderate and always being at the risk of losing the ability to share our adult oriented work.

Beyond Trump's meltdown it'd just be safer if they all came together in a space they can fully control.

I will be very surprised if anything comes from this.

@cabalamat If Trump was sensible he could mandate that all social media use #ActivityPub and similar protocols.

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