Has anyone made a website where you can download custom emoji packs for Mastodon yet?

@Gargron While it isn't a wbesite, I have created a python script to do exactly that.

If people are interested in it, I could also create a seperate repository for this script.

@absturztaube Almost... This won't work with Mastodon, our packs are tar.gz because you don't need any extra libraries to process that

Also would be nice to preview all the emojis in a pack before choosing it

@Gargron oh, ok. packs are new to mastodon tho, right? wasn't aware of that.

preview of all emojis would be nice indeed. i just made that frontend for my emojo repository so it could be somewhat searchable without having to fiddle around on cli

@absturztaube Not that new! I think it was added quite soon after tootctl became a thing

@Gargron I know slack has a (probably fan run) emoji database. Could probably use the same

I've got an idea for one i just need pre compiled emoji packs that are each 50 or less KB per emoji. I've compiled about 5 so far.

If anyone knows where to get pre compiled emoji packs lmk.

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