@Gargron this is the USA. pretty fucked. we've had this kinda abuse for a while now

@mewmew @Gargron They're playing both sides of this. Some cities are letting every looter free:


This particular situation seems complex. You can hold them for 24 hours without charge, but without being able to gather evidence, which you can't because it's fucking chaos, how do you charge them?

Maybe they should have said "1 month" .. there probably isn't enough evidence, but at least you can prevent rioters for continuing to rioting for 30 days and calm the situation.

@djsumdog @Gargron arresting individual rioters doesn't really help to stop riots - breaking up riots is what matters.

it is a complex situation, but just arresting them temporarily should be enough for their actual goal.

@mewmew @Gargron I think in this instance .. it might. These aren't just riots. This is some CIA/COINTELPRO/Operating Mockingbird shit. Someone(s) are funding this .. it only takes a few people to light the match; and other useful idiots.

People are going opportunistic on this. Cities just want the violence to stop; so they're trying to stop everyone. Abraham Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus in 1863 during the Civil War. There is precedence for suspending rights for order, even in America.

@djsumdog @Gargron as I've said elsewhere, it's likely the government / police are agitating the situation, and opportunists are taking advantage of the chaos

@Gargron yeah it’s massively fucked up, though I wonder if it’ll be upheld on appeal.

@Gargron State judicial elections matter is the message sent here.

@Gargron "supreme court" doesn't mean the same thing in new york as it does in the rest of the english language, but, yes, it's fucked up for sure

@mlc @Gargron
Shocking, if true. Guess that would check the auto-bail process.

@Gargron under laws passed after 9/11, terrorists are not entitled to the protections of the Constitution. This is how President Obama assassinated an American without him ever being charged, repatriated, or tried. This is why President Trump declared Antifa a "terrorist organization." They know damn well Antifa isn't an organization. That just gives them more leeway to arbitrarily revoke basic human rights.

@Gargron Ugh, Philippines and now the US?

(see on Birdsite and possibly Masto as well)

@Gargron This is one state from where I live. The seeds of fascism are bearing fruit.

@Gargron meaning? minimum sentence or maximum sentence or for life? you're paying for their everything in jail including healthcare

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