Currently disabling accounts of / notifying about 1,000 people who were re-using passwords and whose accounts were compromised by spammers

Please don't reuse passwords between different accounts and please use 2FA whenever it's available (not that people who need this advice the most are going to see it anyway)

@Gargron I strongly recommend to use password managers like KeePass, Bitwarden or 1Password to generate different random passwords for every website and to store them safely.

@zloygik you don't always need to have a password manager, popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome already provide you one and they able to generate secure passwords too.


@zloygik Can only say the same. Back in the day I used the same password literally everywhere. Now I have 122 randomly generated passwords in my KeePass database on my Nextcloud.

@Gargron it's worth noting you DO NOT need a smartphone to use 2FA. You can use the TOTP generator built into a password manager like KeePass, which is cross platform.

We feel you. Every time we try to help out or inform others about important changes or dangers it's always those who need it more who ignore us. Of course they later come and complain that they weren't properly told and try to hold us responsible of their failures.

@Gargron Can't people use firefox and use the builtin password generator?

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