Even with all the eyes of the world on them, US cops can't stop killing and maiming people, ramming cars into crowds, shooting at nurses and journalists, pepper spraying kids and pregnant women... Not just a few cops, not just one department, but systematically across the US. ACAB

@Gargron There needs to be a genuine revolutionary change in our system in general from top to bottom for sure ✊ :

No matter what country you live in, as long as you are a human being, you will think and say and do things differently.

It is because of these differences that things like this have happened.

It's not just a problem for cops.

All humans have the potential to do what that cop did.

We need to reevaluate our thinking, our words and our actions, and not just make it a cop problem.

@mzero_reloaded @Gargron
The truth is not certain, but it is at least an opportunity to reevaluate our thinking, words and deeds.

@Satis @Gargron Fuck off. Cops are the only ones sanctioned by the state with the power and impunity to murder people, to mow them down with cars, to fire rubber bullets at their heads and spray them with pepper spray and tear gas grenades.

Useless piece of shit.

@Satis Can't fucking believe you just tried "all lives"ing police violence. Shitting hell.

@Gargron You really think all of those cops are unprovoked?

@Acaii I won’t say all of it, but most of it is self defense. If someone’s trying to kill you, are you not going to try to get them away from you?

@blake do you really think peaceful protesters are trying to kill cops?

@Acaii it’s an example. the people the cops are attacking in a lot of cases are attacking or pose an actual threat.

also did you seriously just send me a tiktok video

@blake I just read your profile. You're a white supremacist. No point in debating with you you're already lost. Enjoy hate.

@Acaii Show me one thing I said that’s white supremacist

Police violence has happened the past years in France and other countries. Police kills & injures citizens they are supposed to protect. These police violences need to be brought to the attention if everyone so people realises what is happening and it can happen to them...

@Gargron What you said... and.... news can't stop from reporting most sensational issues. Celebs can't stop sending most violent people free. The exact same politicians that are in charge of city policy units are now calling from them to be disbanded. All to avoid responsibility

@Gargron the United States is a representative democracy, but it doesn't represent people; it represents land. Why do you think there are two Dakotas, etc? It's all for political power. The Senate has 2 seats for each state, no matter the population. Combine this fact with how liberals tend to cluster together in cities and don't even WANT political power and you have a country ruled by a small number of conservative voters. They pick the President who then appoints the Supreme Court Justices.

@Gargron there are two legislative bodies in the US (sorry if you know this). The house of representatives: hundreds of people, passes tons of legislation, and then senate, 100 people (2 for each state).

But bills have to pass BOTH or they die.

The Senate does almost nothing. The US is ungovernable.

The US would have been much better off without the Senate, imho, even if it meant mob rule sometimes.


You're right Eugeen, and the worst part is that the work of so many honest cops is put in a bad light .... even if they risk their lives

@MassimoE @Gargron It doesn’t matter how honest you are, if you go along with and accept brutality by your colleagues, you are complicit.


When your back window caves in and somebody enters your house at 2AM, you have two options. You can be proficient with violence and go downstairs and handle it yourself. Or you're going to call 911 and ask for somebody to act on your behalf.

I can do the former (say, in the top 25% of the population). But it's a sucky solution. You can't just spray hate on the current solution. We need a better morphing of what it is into what it should/could be.

@vandys @Gargron anecdotes are not the same as systemic police brutality. Get your head out of your butt.

@vandys and if you take the second solution, the cops will either do nothing, execute a petty thief on the spot, or kill you and your dog


Actually, at least around here the numbers still say they'll probably show up and help. I agree that the odds of the eventualities you listed are higher than we should accept as a society!

I really doubt making them hated, defunded, and embattled is the right path forward. The danger is to try for the middle path and have it degenerate into status quo.

@Gargron they just can't help themselves! Because it's what they were trained to do, instead of "serve and protect". It's all they know

@Gargron Get your facts straight! ALL the video evidence you claim prove your case actually SHOW THE OPPOSITE.

Stupidity trumps all in your case.

@Pulisia @Gargron I ask you all sorry for what follows: i think they're accomplishing orders that somebody give'em, that kind of somebody who's in charge in their hierarchy, those commander in charge are following orders given by federal hierarchy. It's impossible for me to believe that a sort of anarchy from federal government always takes decisions inside police departments. Again, sorry for my freedom of thinking but, after more than a century, it's hard to believe that's all bout evil cops.

@Pulisia I'm not meaning, i'm asking how's possible that all happenings of last weeks can be out of higher orders who Police's accomplishing.

Can anyone explain me please why policemen act as they act without receiving orders to act like they act?

Sorry for my bad english, but i wish i could understand...

@Theo_C where? Here? In the fediverse? We stay here to have fun.
In real world I have any matter with police.
If you don't owe it, don't fear it

@Pulisia I meant in the US concerning G. Floyd murder, and all similar acts in history.

I don't fear, am worried about what kind of governors people have in US...since i knew about OSS when i was young actually, but i don't want to start a controversial bout it now.

I was looking for opinions about the fact policemen in US are following orders to act like they do. It's astonishingly horrible, in my opinion. 😭

@Theo_C I'm not in USA I'm in Spain.
Don't worry my friend. Be water

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