"Encrypted messaging app Signal adds facial recognition protection for protesters"

That's one hell of a spin on "Signal adds a tool to blur out faces on photos" isn't it

@Gargron obviously it's going to make some kind of magic shield that goes around your head and fools cameras

@ben @Gargron I really want to build some glasses with embedded IR leds so that it can hopefully wash out cameras, but I'm not sure how much power would actually be necessary for this to defeat facial recognition software. It's probably really easy for night vision cameras, but ones with an IR filter might not be feasible

@Timmy @Gargron I don't know much about eyes, but I'd be worried that a bright light, even in the non-visible part of the spectrum, would hurt your eyes if it was attached to your eyes

@ben @Gargron I mean I plan to face them away from my face. Photo sensors are pretty sensitive to it, but many cameras have filters in place to prevent much of the IR from going through. I don't think there's much danger to anyone unless you're generating real heat from these things, which I definitely don't intend to do. Night vision security cams probably have about 5-6x the power I would expect to be able to use and no one even notices the IR they blast

@Gargron "Messaging app that puts locks and chains on messages adds feature to simulate individuals with poor eyesight in crowds"

@Gargron lately you can also send photos that can't be saved, can only be viewed once, but still Screenshots are possible.

@Gargron Well, most people on the tech beat in journalism only got their job because they know how to use a computer and read a blog once.

@Gargron imo it’s just typical advertising, using a narrative to ride off the emotions and drive a conversion


This is precisely the spin Signal put on it in their blog post about the new blur feature. :)

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