The distance between UI elements on the left side of the screen and UI elements on the right side of the screen is the distance my grandpa claimed he had to walk to school

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GitHub went full Hidamari Sketch on its interface

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@Gargron From the day Micro$oft announced to buy Github I knew that they'll fuck it up and it will become unusable.Looks like the latest design changes are the beginning of this process.Yes,it could be even worse but I think it's ugly enough...

@nipos @Gargron micro$oft destroys everything they touch. i'm surprised people still tolerate them at all.

@loganer @Gargron I don't.I moved to before the Micro$oft/Github contract was finally signed.And once again I see that it was a good idea.I don't know why I used Github previously at all.I mean hosting open source code on a proprietary platform.How ironic is that?!

@nipos @Gargron@mastodon.s.ocial i might have to tinker around with the {next,own}cloud things.
i don't currently have anything really important on github , just a bash script really.
it takes care of some small thing for me.

@loganer I have Halcyon and Cloud Firewall and moving them to NotABug made all contributors move,too.At least they need an additional account at NotABug now which they hopefully use for their own stuff,too 😃

@nipos @loganer It's a shame you can't sign in at other Gitea instances with one Gitea account

@datenschutzratgeber @loganer You won't need this feature anymore when ForgeFed is ready to use.This will add ActivityPub federation to Gitea,Pagure and Gitlab instances.

@nipos @datenschutzratgeber interesting, first time i've heard of it but definitely looking like something i'd love to implement if i can figure out how it works
@nipos @Gargron

for now i'll just put the script in my /static/ till i get working on them cloud softwares

@nipos @Gargron The irony that it's now unusable on IE despite IE still being the only Microsoft browser available for still-supported Windows 8.1!

@nipos @Gargron @yrabbit Time to self host! I switched to Fossil because of exactly that: I can self host and bugs, wiki, etc are part of the repo.

I knew him well. He was already pretty good at teleporting in his Kindergarten year...

@Gargron You do realize that that distance depends on how wide you make your web browser...?

@Gargron I opened github in a video conference yesterday and spent quite a while cussing about it. I hate it! They're really make an effort to let gitlab overtake them.

@Gargron User style:

@-moz-document url-prefix("") {
.application-main {
max-width: 1000px;
margin: 0 auto;

Adjust at taste

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