Facebook accused of trying to bypass GDPR, slurp domain owners' personal Whois info via an obscure process

@Gargron If Facebutt had their way, they'd copyright the letter "F" and sue anyone else who dared to use it.

Ironically, when this company finally does shut down, I doubt anyone will press F.


It's unbelievable what they want to get away with.


"However, commercial companies claim that their rights must also be considered, particularly around trademarks, and they should also be granted access."

That's when they need to get a warrant through those legitimate companies.

I installed Messenger Lite for a few minutes thinking about contacting a friend.. then my phone felt gross.

I may have met some of their employees on the street in Austin.


There was this one time though.. Some1 there must have helped me out

@Edward86 @Gargron thanks for sharing this also :) .
i wasn't fully off facebook just yet because i still have some people over there but i gave told them i'm giving them till September .
if they haven't figured out another platform to use by then.
oh well . i know im hard stopping using facebook by then.
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