Getting back on Facebook and reconnecting with friends I haven鈥檛 seen for 10 or 15 years is amazing! They are pretty impressed with Pixelfed 馃榿

@Gargron Well, it seems now I have a reason to not use Pixelfed

@NickFreeman @Gargron Because @dansup finds his friends there after 15 years? It's a bit radical, isn't it? I hate Facebook.

@hokori696 Well, it is only a reason, not a decision. Still I am going to be more careful when I ever decide on using it or recommending it, because even if it (now) is open source, he probably still has copyright on most code (and on the logo/name) and could dual license it/sell it to e.g. Facebook, a company I definitely don't like, but he seems to be okay to use Facebook, which is some indication on why he would be okay doing business with them. Of course it is good if he finds old friends.

@hokori696 Still, I do not like that he posts about Facebook in a kind of positive way

@dansup Don't take it personally ;) I still do like that you are working on open source projects馃憤

@NickFreeman @hokori696 - To my knowledge Pixelfed is GPL3. That means even if the owner at some point's decided to sell or dual license it, someone else can fork it and continue the project. And the original codebase can't benefit from the new codebase improvements unless the license is compliant.
Open Office and Libre Office case is a great example.
There's nothing to be worry about.

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