It always strikes me as a little odd, like, Yamaha, a company that makes pianos, synths, guitars... and motorcycles.

@Gargron Nintendo used to have "love motels"

Sony sells life insurance

Japanese capitalism is weird

@Gargron Motorcycles are music instruments too, no surprise here.

P.S. I'm a rider. 😎

@Gargron my earbuds, tablet, phone, printer, blu-ray player, TV, fridge, washer, and dryer are all Samsung

@annika @Gargron and cargo ship which carried all of that probably too

@Gargron how about Mitsubishi? TVs, aircons, white goods... Cars!
Just the Japanese Big Company way
@Gargron It all started with musical instruments, namely when "its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. Shortly thereafter, he successfully completed the first reed organ to be built in Japan."… 😀

@Gargron Yeah, the Japanese are fairly big on diversification of large businesses. Toyota and Mitsubishi have their fingers in all sorts of things too.

@Gargron This got me reading about Mitsubishi because I thought it was similar, but apparently Mitsubishi is not a single company, but a group of companies that all own each other, with no single parent. TIL

Hitachi: makers of AC systems, trains, and personal massagers.

@nyx isn't a train just a magic wand with AC?

You could argue most machines with motors are just complex personal massagers.

@Gargron Only in 155 did Yamaha produce their first motorcycle, the YA-1 (

@Gargron (a Swedish one, not Japanese. My Japanese embroidery machine was made by the same company as makes printers but that's not quite as weird.)

@Gargron Whenever our Kenwood blender malfunctions I shout "can't they stick to car radioes?"

@gargron Yamaha also makes serious industrial equipment for electronic manufacturing, once state-of-the-art. These days Samsung is probably better at it, though...

@Gargron yeah. Imagine driving a Gibson car.
But hey at least we’d be able to say “i got a fender on my gibson” 🤣


My mother played a Yamaha piano, my brother rode a Yamaha motorcycle....... and yet I didn't connected the dots on this until now.

@Gargron iirc it's like two different companies under the Yamaha name, but they're still closely linked and do events together?

You tend to get weird ranges of stuff with Asian companies, just look at Samsung.

@Gargron nah makes sense. Ever ridden a well-tuned motorcycle down a winding country road on a warm Spring afternoon? Same feeling as playing a tricky concerto on the violin (Yamaha also make violins).

@Gargron they also do sporting goods, semiconductors, and a few other things. The post-war period In Japan birthed a lot of the keiretsu conglomerates that paved the model for multi pillar businesses that continue to this day, which is also been repeated in places like Korea with chaebol companies like Samsung, Daewoo and Hyundai.

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