27 fucking degrees Celsius in my room, and opening the windows just makes it worse

@Gargron you lucky one! My flat is at 30°C. It's not as intense as 2018. There I often had about 35°C at night.

@Cedara @Gargron my workplace is in the basement. But when if I went there I'd miss this beautiful summer. So I sit in the garden. Under the cherry tree. Warm, fantastic. With #taz #fediverse and #radioeins

@Gargron Got 29 inside here and it's not even the hottest time of the day yet...

@noushad @Gargron well, I guess you have air conditioning., These devices aren't common in Germany. Our housings are built to withstand cold - not warmth.

Alkulth, > feels like 49°

Well... I lived in Dubai for 3 months, and it was almost unbearably hot by the end of March, when I left. I also went for 1 day in September that year to keep my visa valid and it was +35 or whereabouts. Can't imagine what it's like in summer.

Well, thanks to the air conditioning ..indoors not a problem 😅

@larissabitencourt @Gargron let's do it the other the other way around: What do you think is cold? When do you start not only wearing a t-shirt, when do you use gloves?
@larissabitencourt @Gargron There you see the difference. 😁 I'm considering wearing a hoody under 15°C, a jacket under 10°C and light gloves under 0°C (only when biking). With -20°C I'm wearing something around my ears, since this can be really cold while riding with the bike.

People and housing in Germany are more used to cold temperatures than higher ones.

@heluecht @Gargron @larissabitencourt Honestly, 27c feels pretty cool to me right now. Once it drops below 25, you may see me start wearing long sleeves until I get used to the winter temperatures (0 - 10).

@NathanClayton @Gargron @larissabitencourt BTW: The last days had been colder here. And I really enjoyed riding my bike at 15°C, just wearing a T-Shirt (and not feeling cold).

@heluecht It's amazing what you can get used to. It was a high of 38c today (it's 10pm and 30c still), and felt nice to me.It's estimated to get up to 42c early next week. But living in the desert you get pretty large temperature swings from the high 40s in summer down into single digits or just below 0c in winter. Thankfully it's dry and not humid here.

@NathanClayton dry heat is much better to cope with than when it is humid. My comfort zone ends at 30°C. Everything above I don't like.

@Gargron 30°C here. Balcony door fully opened. The fan is running. No A/C, because we usually dont need it.

@Gargron That's the temperature with the A/C on in my house. It feels cold. This is the relatively cool part of the summer though.

@Gargron I hear it might get colder if you turn the oven on and leave it open.

@Gargron The same here. I have 2 fans going. It helps.

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