The paperclip gem as it's used by Mastodon is in some ship of Theseus type of situation at this point

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@Gargron I recently switched something over to using carrierwave instead. ActiveStorage is a bit weird

@karina Yeah ActiveStorage doesn't seem right to me. Switching to anything is out of the question for Mastodon though, too much data to migrate, not worth it. Heard good things about Shrine though.

@karina That's nice, but I've read through all of paperclip's code at this point and replaced a good chunk of it with customizations, probably not worth diving into an unfamiliar library. At least unless there's a clear advantage it offers.

@Gargron are you maintaining your own fork or right for the source?

@kinduff Customizing within Mastodon itself via monkey-patching, custom adapters/processors etc.

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