Would be nice if Facebook SDK remained broken so people would be forced to remove it from their apps...

@IslamerAlo It's code that other apps include that allows them to use functions like Login with Facebook but that also collects data on everybody. SDK stands for Software Development Kit.

@Gargron you'd have thought they'd not want to include so there app wasn't unaffected by a 3rd party, wasn't that long since it broke the last time.

@Gargron I got political with the VA ( Veterans Affairs ) on Facebook during the COVID lockdown. I had and actually still have Cellulitis in my whole left leg from a military injury and historically they give me antibiotics ( I am from Hawaii ) but get here to Austin Texas and the VA says I am bothering them; do not bother them with Medical problems? So I got nasty on their Pages in Facebook. Next thing I know I have US Secret Service at my door; and they came inside! FB can suck my ass!

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